Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Leigh Trust is Going Google

The Leigh Academies Trust is going Google.....
That's right all 9 schools (5000+ users) are in the process of transferring all their email, calendars and storage to Google! As a Trust we have a clear and strong vision for seeing our schools really getting hold of the power of technology and utilising it for to actually transform our schools into 21st century learning environments.

So why did we go Google?

1. It supports our 1-2-1 Schemes
We have several of our schools who are 1-2-1 iPad schools. These schools love the iPads and way they can add so much colour and creativity to learning. However they have been encountering lots of boring but yet critical problems such as document compatibility,  getting work off an iPad to the teachers, work collaboratively with other students. Google works really well on the iPad, although there are, as ever, a few annoyances but it provides the missing link to enable the us to get the best of both worlds!

2. We can be one school
We are rapidly growing Trust, with new schools growing all the time and one of our big questions is how do we work more collaboratively. We now have a shared Post 16, so how can we help students who work across sites have seamless experience? Now we have a global address list for all students and staff, which has class groups and allows you to share and collaborate on work simply.

3. It provides one platform for users
Having multiple schools with multiple systems creates all kinds of problems between Windows and Mac, let alone the issues created by versions of those operating systems/ software. Now we have one platform that allows us to work seamlessly!

4. 24/7 learning
This the goal! We want our students working when suits them and not being impeded by annoying technology issues. With every student having their own Google Account, they can get access to all school material truly anytime, anywhere, any device!

I am excited about how these changes have the chance to actually change things for students, nit just in the classroom of the enthusiast but in the all classrooms!

I hope to post more about our journey in more depth as we go...

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