Friday, 20 November 2015

Laptop vs Chromebook

This week we have been researching and considering the differences between introducing Chromebooks or Windows Laptops for teachers. With the help of our design team I have produced this Infographic which is based on our experience and our findings from the work we have already done.

We are finding that staff are happy to trial and play with a Chromebook but are wary of making the full jump away from a Windows Laptop. Choosing to move a whole school from one system to another always carries risks, the Chromebook may potentially be risky for teachers if it requires learning new skills and may require a change to the way we work. However a Laptop carries risks of security breaches, ongoing maintenance challenges and slowing down overtime. The question is which risk are you willing to take?

Teachers and IT professionals may answer that question differently....

View the Infographic by clicking here

What are your thoughts?

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